Finance Restructuring and Planning Services

When your existing finance procedures no longer support your business or when you need to restructure and plan for the future, Accomptant professionals will be there with you. Too often businesses grow faster than their finance departments, making the businesses susceptible to inefficiencies, chaos, and event theft. Sometimes, a business wants to add new services, new offices, or new positions or even departments. For business expansions, financing, tax codes, and cash-flow management can often pose significant problems in the short and long term. Or, maybe you want to turn your idea into the next great business. At Accomptant, we have worked with many businesses in these areas. Our professionals would be happy to work with you in the following areas:

  • Finance operation audits and plans
  • Finance Department restructuring
  • Staff training
  • Business restructuring and planning
  • Business expansions and reductions
  • Start-ups and new business formation
  • Risk assessments and creating new internal controls and protections
  • Adding employees, services, and departments to current operations
  • Succession planning

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