Interim Controller / CFO Services

Let us help you oversee your finance operations, so your business can flourish.

Scaling a business can be overwhelming and difficult to manage in every specific aspect. Many businesses require professional financial supervision, but cannot afford the time to manage it internally. Additionally, the cost of hiring a CFO can be very high and hinder the growth of the business. With salary ranging from $90,000 to $150,000 per year for a Chief Financial Officer, not including benefits and bonuses, the prospect of hiring a full-time CFO may not be feasible.

Because of this, our company offers interim controller and CFO services to work around your business needs in a cost-effective way. We work alongside your budget to provide you with a fully qualified financial officer. Our professional financial managers will work alongside you to meet your needs, while still working within your price range, to keep all of your business finances in check.

Our part-time controller and CFO services offer you:

  • A concrete understanding of your own business finances in order to help you make the best, sound strategic business decisions on a daily basis. ¬†We will help you create a clear accounting and financial information structure.
  • Budgeting advice to help you increase profits and performance without unexpected costs.
  • We will work with you to manage and monitor your cash flow either weekly or monthly.
  • Implementation of plans and solutions to overcome problems encountered through daily operations.
  • Strategies for the effective management of your money.
  • Tax saving strategies to improve income and tax balance.
  • Assistance in developing accounting procedures and processes.
  • Leadership and training for your accounting team.
  • Facilitation of relations between banks, attorneys, vendors, and insurance agents.
  • Management and negotiation to get you the best insurance policy for your business.
  • Assistance with implementing mergers and acquisitions.
  • Advice and support to gain financing from banks and financial institutions to ensure you receive the best plans.
  • Analysis of expenses, including expansion costs, obtaining new property and implementing new services and operations.
  • Peace of mind in knowing that your finances are being handled by a skilled professional who will work tirelessly to maintain and improve your financial success.